15 August 2017 – Around 8 AM in the morning, my flight landed in Chennai after a overnight trip, starting from Sydney 🇦🇺 with a connecting flight at Kuala Lumpur 🇲🇾. This was post attending the largest IEEE event – Sections Congress 2017! My physical energy was low, but my motivation levels were sky high.

This was also the time I was working as a Teach For India Fellow at Chennai Middle School, MGR Nagar. I don’t want to miss a single experience with my students, was was rushing to come out of the airport – so I can go and participate at the Independence Day celebrations happening in my school! The program usually gets over at 11 AM, if you go by that time you I know at least, I will get 🍫 for sure!

It took me a while to finish off the custom clearance, they were heavily understaffed on that particular day, because many officers were on leave due to the Independence day, holiday! Somehow when I finished the process and moved out – I noticed that time was already around 9 AM and unfortunately my phone got switched as well. (I didn’t had an international charger back then, in fact I realised the need for an international charger only during that trip).

I took my backpack, caught a metro from the airport to Ashok Nagar then took a local auto for the last mile straight to school. Thankfully, I went ahead of time – happened to see a few performances and enjoy the day with my students! It was definitely one of the memorable experiences for me and I was happy that I made it to school, instead of the old plan of going to home!

People at my home were highly frustrated with my behaviour of not coming to home directly after a trip – but that’s fine! I escaped with the excuse, that my phone was switched off 😛

15 August 2020 – I was in my home but I had no other go! For the first time (in the times I remember) – I had to be in my #home for the national independence day celebrations due to COVID restrictions! 🇮🇳 It always used to be fun on this day, interacting with students – sharing about our country and its heritage, participating on celebrations. 🙂

But I don’t want to miss the fun – hence decided to go virtual. Researched and made a YouTube video on the topic – “#74facts about India” for our 74th national independence day celebrations.

You can check it in the link below, and I’m sure you will find out a lot of interesting insights about #India. Do let me know what you find out new!

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