“You’re handwriting is too small on the black board.  It will be difficult for other students to copy it down.  Better, you don’t continue writing.”

The teacher grabbed the white piece of chalk from his hands, and asked him to sit down on his place.  Feeling rejected once again, he came down to his seating position and started skimming through his own note book.

He can evidently see a minimum of 3 ‘Good!’s signed by his teacher in every 4 pages of his note book.  His hand writing is definitely one of the best in the class room.  Every teacher used to collect his note book for reference by the end of the academic year!

But still, here he is again, not getting a good hand writing on the black board.  He felt very sad. 🙁 During one of the breaks he went to his friend, and posted him a question, “How do you get such a fabulous handwriting on board?”.

His friendly simply replied back, “Good hand writing on black board comes through practice. I’m doing this since 3rd std and now, at 6th std, this is a very easy job for me.”

Well, you can’t go back on time! He thought he could’ve also practiced writing on board since 3rd standard, in stead of just focusing on cursive hand writing on his note books and getting the maximum number of ‘Good!’s from the teacher 😛

But yes, it’s always not late to start something that’s interesting to you.

He found out his own way, to start practicing hand writing on board.  Staying an hour after school, practicing writing on the board (and then rubbing it off, so that the board looks fresh in the morning).

With this practice a couple of weeks, he realized writing on the board is a totally different game from writing on the note book.  The practice also got reflected on own his hand writing on note book.  He started writing a little bigger in a non-cursive tone on his note books, and the teacher really wondered why is he changing cursive hand writing when things were going good.

Through his continuous practice, he gained confidence over his ‘black board hand writing’ and he’s now able to thoroughly balance the board-notebook hand writing differences as well.

He was eagerly waiting for his chance to write on board again during the class.  It will only happen, only if his friend is not available due to holiday or some other commitments while the teacher is giving notes.  But as his friend was very sincere, he needs to wait for a long time to get an opportunity.

On a fine morning, he went late to school.  The teacher asked him the reason for his late and allowed him inside the class with a warning.  When he went inside, he was totally shocked to see his ‘board hand writing practice’ post school was not rubbed off in the morning, and it was still there.

His friend beside, said to him in a milder voice, “Your hand writing is really good! How did you got into this level?”

He looked at him, but didn’t said anything. He was afraid of his teacher  To his surprise, through out the morning classes, the teacher never told a even a single word about his hand writing board rather not questioned him about what he’s doing after school.

And then in the afternoon during the notes taking time, the teacher called him and handed over the chalk piece to him.  Then, he got a 16 page notes on Social which the teacher asked him to copy on the board.

Feeling a bit surprised, he started writing.  Once the board got full, he needs to check with everyone and rub a few portion of the board and continue writing.  The notes went on and on.

He started feeling a little pain on his fingers, because of the larger size of the chalk, and he still continued writing despite all the difficulties.

After a couple of hours, rubbing and re-writing on the board for around 7 times, he was finally able to complete all the notes. He went back to his teacher to convey the same.  With all the sweat and a bit of pain on his little fingers he told, “Notes completed, miss!”

The teacher gazed at him, and then looked at the entire class and announced.  “Very good job by Aravind.  He will be taking care of writing on the board, from now on.”

He felt really wow.  All his post school practice finally helped him to get to a place where he wanted to be.  He felt thankful to his teacher for not creating an issue with practicing on board after the school, but still giving him this opportunity.

He was very happy to own the piece of chalk in the class room. 🙂

11 years later as a teacher, when he was writing on the board, he heard some murmuring noise from behind.  One of his fourth grade kid was saying some thing like, “Sir’s hand writing is so good on board.” to the kid sitting next to him.

He immediately turned back immediately and said in a firm teacher voice, “Guys. Mouth zipped.  Focus on writing! I will be clearing the board soon.”

He then started to check checking every body’s note book, and slowly went down to the kid who murmured.   He sat next to that kid, and said in a slow yet confident voice, “Good hand writing comes through practice.” The kid nodded back.

He also took some time to read the note book of the kid.  It had everything.  The date, the topic ‘Morning meeting’ and the question posted on board for the kids to answer, “What are the values you need to achieve your passion?”

He heard his mind voice instantly with out even thinking for a moment “Perseverance and practice.

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