“10 minutes more” shouted my exam hall supervisor.

I looked at my watch in disgust.  12:50 PM.  I still have to write an 8 mark question 😛 The last question in the last theory examination of my last semester as an Engineering student (in other words The Grand Finale! B|).

I looked at the people around me.  Few of them left the hall smiling, submitting their papers.  A lot of them are intensely writing, including me.  I sensed the same exam hall which we’re writing exam today, is the same place where it all began, way back in Sep 2012 for inauguration.

Suddenly, a whole lot of emotions struck me.  Happiness.  Sadness. Sense of accomplishment.  Incompleteness.  Everything! Is this student journey really going to end?

A flash of memories came into my mind as well.  The moment I received my admit order after Engineering Counselling.  The day I first entered into my college.  The tough initial days, classes, canteen, interesting (and boring) lectures, assessment tests, model exams, semester exams, laboratories, records, deadlines, assignments, viva questions, no due forms, results, Anna University server, rejinpaul, placements, on campus, off campus, pool campus.  Yeah, there is a whole big vocabulary for Engineering students.

And more than all this things, what really mattered was the amazing people I met here! Friends (Classmates, Batchmates, Busmates, IEEEmates, includes everyone) with real love (I mean ‘anbu’).  Had a lot of fun and learning over these 4 years.  My Inspiration seniors, who helped to shape my student life to a new level.  Without them, I’m not really I am today.  My wonderful juniors, who are ready to take up far more steps.  My awesome teachers, who taught me this tough Anna University syllabus.  Big thanks to them!

“5  more minutes” the voice brought me to the present. And the 8 mark question is still pending.  I had written only 33 pages so far.  ‘You will not pass unless you write at least 35 pages in the answer sheet’, my Anna University experiences also warned me.

The learning and experiences gained over all this time is so huge.  Things were not so smooth all over, there was challenges, there was hard moments, there was also rare moments when I came college late, lost my ID card and wrote special assignments. I’m pretty happy that my Engineering had all of them.  Each and everything was truly WORTH experiencing!

36. I marked the number of pages on my final answer sheet. I’m not able to touch the 42 page mark even after I wrote 44 semester exams 🙁 😛

Before Engineering, I heard lot of people saying different of opinions about Engineering.  But, after experiencing it is totally different of what you hear and what you experience. There are opportunities, there are possibilities, there are a lot of exposure waiting for Engineering students. If I look back to my first year and final year, I can feel the transformation.   I learned to volunteer, I learned to communicate, I learned to organize events,  I learned team work, I learned to crack interviews, I learned to try new things, I learned to blog (you’re reading one right!) A lottt of learning! Thanks to my college for providing me a great freedom to explore the different possibilities. 🙂

“Time’s up”. My supervisor is so strict to collect answer on sheets on time.  I finally submitted my answer sheet in the half stage of the 8 marks.  You need 3 and half hours to write such a lengthy papers 😛

Leave all these stuffs.  It’s all officially over now!

I closed my eyes with gratitude, and conveyed a simple message to God, “Thanks a ton, for everything”.

8 Comments on “The last minutes: End of Student life!”

  1. That last moment is as emotional as it gets!!! Well, I have one final exam at SASTRA on 25th of May, the last day for me. But i am afraid of that day, for that will mean the end of my student life at SASTRA….the best four years of my life….

  2. Superb Aravindh 🙂 Phenomenal !
    The way you had written makes me to feel the sense and your mood swing on the last ten minutes in your exam hall.Awesome man.Keep blogging 🙂

  3. Oh my god! This is great to read but sad at the same time. As you mentioned I am supposed to write my last 8 marks amswer in the last exam in the last semester on April 24, 2020 but things didn’t go as planned and now I fear whether I’m going to have this experience ever again or will it be just a formal online exam, The Grand Finale. Very true about experience engineering yourself, it really is a rollercoaster ride. Great story overall! Worth my time.

    • Yes. We are in precedential times. I hope things get back to normal soon! Till then, get yourself ready (for writing 8 mark question so well). All the best!
      Engineering life experience is truly unique. 🙂

  4. While I reading your blog, my eyes filled with tears and smile blossomed in my lips. Each and every sentence you wrote just bringing back my college memories infront of my eye. Keep Rocking Anna !!. Expecting more blogs from you 🙂

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