With the passing of every moment of the night,
All I aspire and need is only you.
But, the more I want to be with you,
The more you seem miles away.
I tried every tip and trick,
Only to realize they’re too small –
Compared to your penultimate nature,
And I no way can fool you.
Until I realized, the ultimate truth
Sleep is not about, preparing for life
But, life is all about preparing for sleep!

My Dear Sleep!
This one is all about you, and dedicated for you!

Launching #MyDearSleep

Excited to be  a new blog series — #MyDearSleep.

The series of articles will be featuring some of my real life experiences and experiments around sleep, and how I found the ultimate motivation to wake up before 04:30 AM every day, from being a person who can not sleep during the nights!

You can check out the articles every Saturday at 9 PM,

On my medium — www.aravindhan-in.medium.com

On my website — www.aravindhan.in

Good night! 🙂

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