“My dreams will fly.”

5 January 2022 – On another action-packed Wednesday, as I was quickly skimming through the multiple tabs of Google Sheets at the office (the TN State Project Office of School Education Department) – a notification suddenly got all my attention.

It was a message from one of my students who is currently studying Class IX (and whom I taught Class IV and V as a part of my Teach For India Fellowship 4 years back at Chennai Middle School, MGR Nagar).

She was sharing a poem that she has penned down on the title “Dreams can fly”. It was a nicely written one, and I immediately appreciated her for the efforts she’d put in.

Then came the surprise question, “Sir. I want to publish this poem. Please help.”

The poem originally written down.

The next thing I clarified with her, whether she wanted to publish online or offline. Her response was that she wanted to share it through online.

I suggested to try out websites like medium.com – where she can continue writing and publishing her poems and thoughts.

After a few minutes, she came back and shared that she was unable to login to the website through phone, and it requires app. Then, I asked her download and use the Medium Android app.

And then I was caught up with the other works, and totally forgot it.

Post lunch, I received a surprise message – with screenshots of the poem, previewed on the Medium app, this time my student wanted me to review it before she publishes her first work online.

I told her to go ahead and publish – and also share me the link to the poem.

And then she shared this – https://medium.com/@pkbo2007oli/poem-cb39849eb72

She was also curious about how people will find her work, and how the Google SEO algorithms work. I explained this in a few sentences, and requested her to wait for sometime.

And then she finally concluded by saying – “I am so happy because I publish my own poem. Also I expressed my feelings through words and that became a poem.🙂🙂”

For a moment, I thought about seeing such a tiny child in Class IV becoming a blogger and poet now – I said to myself “Yes. Dreams will fly. For sure, they will.”

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