Metric’ulous life! | #OnePageStory

You won’t be surprised if I say, ‘metrics’ have slowly taken the hold of our lives.

Consider for an example, all the adults would’ve heard about these questions at different points in their lives.
(a) How many marks you have scored?
(b) How much salary you are going?
(c) How old are you?
(d) How many children do you have?
(e) How many years of work experience do you have?
Well, I’m not really what’s the original purpose of creating all the metrics that we see around today. Originally, they may have been created to help us understand the progress to our goals, track our performance, etc.
But, essentially they help us do one thing quite easily in our world today — To compare our metric with others quite easily!
Instead of working meticulously, we wish to work ‘metric’ulously, to see the results and to enrue that we are getting ahead of the others.
Metric can be a huge motivation at times — let’s assume a Cricket game without the scoreboard. Super boring right!
But you know what, in every Cricket game — they erase the scores once the game is over. However, the erasing part hardly happens in our lives! We stick to our metrics, we envision our metrics, we live our metrics, we showcase our metrics.
That’s one page. See you tomorrow!
One page is a metric too. A good start to the series, isn’t it? 😛

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