“The journey of 1000 miles, begins with a single step” – This is a very popular quote that a lot us must’ve heard (often told by someone during our stagnant times, to help us get started on something!)

But the truth is, the journey, though it begins with a single step, it is followed by several single steps after single steps, yeah, those single steps keep on going!

Alright, let me get this straight – it’s been a while since I wanted to write a travel blog sharing my experiences, about the places I got an opportunity to see, the amazing people I got a chance to meet with and the process of travel itself, in a few of the cases it’s bit complicated!

But, I often found that the biggest hindrance towards writing a travel blog is ‘travel’ itself – you read it right! It’s often travel-after-travel (like those single steps in the quote I referred in the beginning), so it was a bit hard to find time amidst the preparation for the upcoming things and to look back all those experiences and to write them down!

There’s a common tendency among all of us who are into travel, including me – we always share our ‘highlights of the trip’.  In fact, Social Media is all about sharing such highlights.  But in real life, travel and exploration is not just about the highlights, it is about hundreds and thousands of those small moments of anticipation, excitement, surprises, failure, loads of planning, curiosity, the feeling of belonging as well as lost (not ‘feeling lost’ but literally ’lost’), the feeling of togetherness, community that makes it complete!

Based on who we are as a person, we may consider ‘travel’ as an over rated or expensive thing or an under rated or unnecessary thing – that’s all up to us! We may choose to ignore but we can’t deny the kind of impact that ‘travel and exploration’ creates on us as a person.

Last week, I felt a little sad about seeing the travel industry going down due to the on-going outbreak of COVID-19 around the globe – and I felt sad about missing a trip to Hyderabad and cancelling all my travel plans for the upcoming two weeks!

But, I’ve figured out a good thing out of this situation – now, there’s time.  (It’s no more that travel-after-travel feeling!) And I wanted to go back to my long term aspiration of writing about the ‘journey’!

Wait, so do we have to name the blog? – That’s when I thought of the ‘quote’ I referred all the way on the first paragraph – ‘The journey of 1000 miles, begins with a single step’.

1000 miles is actually a bit less, actually I did a little bit of Math – from India, traveling back and forth once to Australia is around ~ 9000 miles, to the North American continent is around ~16000 miles! But, to keep the rhyming of the quote right, I’ve titled this blog post as the ‘#JourneyOf1001Miles’.

So, if you’re thinking out of the ‘1001 miles’ there’s a back story to the 1000 miles, but what about that ‘one’ mile? That ‘one MILE’ is the most important and determining MILE that I’ve ever crossed in my life!

More about that ONE MILE in the next blog post, watch out. 😉 Will kick-start the travel diaries, from one of the rural villages of Tamil Nadu, India!

Note: In case if you’re reading this post, and getting a feeling that there are too many exclamatory marks (!), it’s not that I didn’t proof read the punctuation before publishing, but they’re added in a way naturally to show the author’s excitement! 😀 Welcome on board!

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