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Let me tell you a simple hack, to live happily and breathe free.

Are you interested? Are you excited? Read on.

Take a moment to look around you.

Yes! Keep the device aside and look around you.

Good job. Now, think about what are things that you noticed.

A few things, a few people, a few plants (if you’re lucky :P). Great, the answer depends on where you are sitting/standing!

A few visible things.  A few invisible things (like air!).

I hope you are still reading.

Take a moment to think through that all the things you noticed — what will happen without them?

Things will change.  (Admit, at least something will change).

So, let’s come to the point.  You ‘are’, because of all the things around you.  Knowingly or unknowingly, they resonate with you and cooperate with you (a few people can be exempted off course :P)

Once you realize that you ‘are’, not only because of ‘you’ but the world around you — there’s no other way apart from being Grateful.

Grateful for the land that we walk on, grateful for the air that we breathe, grateful for the vessels that helps us hold the food, grateful..

As my reader, I’m grateful to you for reading this page!

Now, take a moment to look around you.

Yes. Keep the device aside and look around you.  This time with a bit of gratitude! 🙂