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The value of college education is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think..jpg

The value of a college education is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think. ~ Albert Einstein

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The last minutes: End of Student life!

“10 minutes more” shouted my exam hall supervisor.

I looked at my watch in disgust. ¬†12:50 PM. ¬†I still have to write an 8 mark question ūüėõ The last question in the¬†last theory examination of my last semester as¬†an Engineering student (in other words The Grand Finale! B|).

I looked at the people around me. ¬†Few of them¬†left the hall smiling, submitting their papers. ¬†A lot of them are intensely writing, including me. ¬†I sensed¬†the same exam hall which we’re writing exam today, is the same place where it all began, way back in Sep 2012 for inauguration.

Suddenly, a whole lot of emotions struck me.  Happiness.  Sadness. Sense of accomplishment.  Incompleteness.  Everything! Is this student journey really going to end?

A flash of memories came into my mind as well.  The moment I received my admit order after Engineering Counselling.  The day I first entered into my college.  The tough initial days, classes, canteen, interesting (and boring) lectures, assessment tests, model exams, semester exams, laboratories, records, deadlines, assignments, viva questions, no due forms, results, Anna University server, rejinpaul, placements, on campus, off campus, pool campus.  Yeah, there is a whole big vocabulary for Engineering students.

And more than all this things, what really mattered was the amazing people I met¬†here! Friends (Classmates, Batchmates, Busmates, IEEEmates, includes everyone) with real¬†love (I mean ‘anbu’).¬†¬†Had a lot of fun and learning over these 4 years. ¬†My¬†Inspiration seniors, who helped to shape my student life to a new¬†level. ¬†Without them, I’m not really I am today. ¬†My wonderful juniors, who are ready to take up far more steps. ¬†My awesome teachers, who taught me this tough Anna University syllabus. ¬†Big thanks to them!

“5 ¬†more minutes” the voice brought me to the present.¬†And the 8 mark question is still pending. ¬†I had written¬†only 33 pages so far. ¬†‘You will not pass unless¬†you write at least 35 pages in the answer sheet’, my Anna University experiences also warned me.

The learning and experiences gained over all this time is so huge. ¬†Things were not so smooth all over, there was challenges, there was hard moments, there was also¬†rare¬†moments when I came college late, lost my ID card and wrote special assignments. I’m pretty happy that my Engineering had all of them. ¬†Each and everything was¬†truly¬†WORTH experiencing!

36.¬†I marked the number of pages on my final answer sheet. I’m not able to touch the 42 page mark¬†even after I wrote 44 semester exams ūüôĀ ūüėõ

Before Engineering, I heard¬†lot of people saying different¬†of opinions about Engineering. ¬†But, after experiencing it is totally different¬†of¬†what you hear and¬†what you experience. There are opportunities, there are possibilities, there are a lot of exposure waiting for Engineering students.¬†If I look back to¬†my first year and final year, I can feel the¬†transformation. ¬†¬†I learned to volunteer, I learned to communicate, I learned to organize events, ¬†I learned team work, I learned to crack interviews, I learned to try new things, I learned to blog (you’re reading one right!) A lottt of learning!¬†Thanks to my college for providing me a great freedom to explore the different possibilities. ūüôā

“Time’s up”. My supervisor is so strict to collect answer on sheets on time. ¬†I finally submitted my answer sheet in the half stage of¬†the 8 marks. ¬†You need 3 and half hours to write such a lengthy papers ūüėõ

Leave all these stuffs. ¬†It’s all officially over now!

I closed my eyes with gratitude, and conveyed a simple message to God, “Thanks a ton, for everything”.

Total Quality Management – Presentations

Shared a few presentations which I have used for my seminars for covering few topics on ‘Total Quality Management’ in Semester 7, CSE (R2008 Anna University). Had a good experience working with impress.js for creating these resources.

Follow the link for the presentations (Online view):

  1. Basic Concepts of Total Quality Management – http://tinyurl.com/TQM-Concepts
  2. ISO 14000 Standards – http://tinyurl.com/ISO14000-ppt

Have a look! Share your feedback for improvement! ūüôā

4 easy steps to create a simple web app with Ruby On Rails!

Ruby on Rails is an open source web development framework useful in creating powerful web applications. We will be using a technique known as ‘scaffolding’ to create simple RoR in 3 easy steps!

Before we begin, do you have Rails server installed?

If yes, you’re cool ūüôā If no, please do it now.

Ruby On Rails Installation  

Follow the simple instructions from: http://installrails.com/

Hope you have installed Ruby on Rails in your Linux / Windows / Mac machine!  If you have any difficulties, feel free to post on the comments.

Let’s kick-start!


Step #1: Create a new app directory 

Create a new directory for our rails app with the following command through command line.

$ rails new webapp

The command creates a new directory with the name ‘webapp’ (as per the last part of the command).

Move inside the newly created directory with the following command.

$ cd webapp

And we’re done with the first step!

Start running the Rails server using the following command in the command line:

$ rails s

Keep the server running on one of the Terminal tabs throughout all the steps.

Open your browser, and visit the following URL:


Minimize it, and dive into the following steps.

Step #2: Using generate scaffold command

Here comes the important part! Use the following command for scaffolding. ¬†Description coming below ūüėČ

$ rails generate scaffold post name:string college:text

For any web app to run on a Ruby on Rails environment, we require Model, View and Controller (MVC).  The scaffold command is the easiest way of creating all of these at once.

The above command will generate a post model with two fields: name and college. ¬†Remember, you can create any number of fields using the above command. ¬†The data specifications of the fields are described after the field name separated by a ‘:’.

Step #3: Run the migration command

Proceed with running the following in the command line.

$ rake db:migrate

The command¬†will migrate the real-time changes you’ve made into the database.

Step #4: Edit routes.rb file

Once you are done with the migration, let’s go ahead with editing the contents of routes.rb file. ¬†Follow the commands,

cd config
vi routes.rb

Add the following line in the routes.rb file.

root :to => "posts#index"

Save and Exit ( with Esc -> :wq -> Enter ).

This will enable the ‘/’ to route to the index of PostsController.

That’s it!¬†Open the browser again. ¬† Go to the URL:


If you’re already there, just refresh.


See the magic you have done! Your first RoR app has been successfully created. Cheers! Play with the CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete) available in the web app.

Well, if you’re not seeing the magic, then you might went wrong with any of the above steps. ¬†Try debugging or start from fresh or let us know with some explanation of what you did or where you went wrong¬†in the comments. ¬†We will try fixing it!

Thanks for reading. ūüôā


Inspiring Quote from Mark Zuckerberg

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk..

In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking any risks”

~ Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook

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