#10SoftSkills Workshop

An engaging hands-on workshop designed to empower every engineering student as a professional with all the twenty first century soft skills to succeed in their professional career.

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The curriculum of the workshop is designed in a way to provide an immersive hands-on experience for the participants to practically implement the skills they learned immediately in action. The following skills along with the tools are planned to be covered during the workshop –

Salient features of the workshop

To provide the best engaging experience for the participants, we designed the workshop on some underlying principles. The salient features of the workshop explains each of them in depth.

We learn the best when we jump into action. Hands-on is one of the fundamental principles in the design of the workshop. The participants will receive adequate time to practise all the tools and get started with the skills as a part of the workshop.

We wanted to make the progress of the participants visible and transparent. There will be checklists and tracking sheets for each of the participants to track their progress – supported with a peer review process to strengthen their learning.

Internet connectivity is one of the issues that the participants face while engaging with the workshop. We will also make the recorded version of the workshop available for the participants who miss the session due to unforeseen circumstances.

We want the workshop to be just a starter for the participants to get started with the workshop. There will be a follow up resources every month – in the form of articles, blogs, videos, expert interviews, so the participants can continue learning.


When I was about to attend this session, I presumed it to be one of those – which are normally conducted. But I’m happy to tell that the session – was very interactive and interesting. The tasks assigned after every skill, were really helpful. The websites Aravindhan sir shared are absolutely amazing. Also getting to connect with a personality like him and all other participants on LinkedIn is really helpful. Loved the session!
– VAMA SONI (Madhuben & Bhanubhai Patel Institute of Technology – CVM University, Anand, Gujarat)

I really enjoyed the session a lot. I liked the way how it was presented through an interesting slidedeck. And the interaction was also too good. I learnt different things from this webinar like how to inculcate habits of people working with you or following websites of one’s interest. Overall the experience was great. Thank you for organizing this webinar. And also thanking Aravindhan sir for this amazing session.
– ANOUSHKA KASHYAP (Mody University of Science and Technology, Laxmangarh, Rajasthan)

“The session exceeded all my expectations. It was an interactive and fun webinar that had my attention from the beginning to end. I learnt a lot in a very little span of time. It was engaging and I learnt about planning, organizing, networking and so much more! It was a fun learning experience. It was an interesting non-technical webinar, I learnt about just how differently I can approach everyday tasks.
– NIVETHETHA A (Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu)

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